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Unified Predictive Technologies (UPT) is your gateway to the world of AI, designed to empower businesses and individuals alike. Our core mission is to drive business growth using intelligent AI solutions. We stand at the forefront of rapidly evolving artificial intelligence landscape, ready to guide you in implementing these tools to reach your fullest potential.

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The Power of AI

In the digital age, the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) is undeniable. It's a game changer, capable of driving exponential business growth in any industry. Swift data analysis, task automation, and unique insights have revolutionized operations across various industries. Businesses that master AI gain powerful opportunities to enhance efficiency, improve customer experience, and quickly adapt to the ever-changing market dynamics. With AI, the possibilities are endless.
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UnityPredict is your gateway to scalable, cost-effective AI model hosting. It’s more than a platform—it’s your key to AI integration, made simple. With UnityPredict, you can effortlessly deploy and manage AI models, whether starting from scratch or scaling up your operations. We provide the support and infrastructure so you can focus on unleashing the full power of AI in your business. Experience ease and efficiency with UnityPredict


Discover the world of AI with ModelCentral, your portal to a vast marketplace of AI models and services. Our platform simplifies finding, evaluating, and utilizing AI solutions tailored to your firm's needs. Whether you're a developer, small business, large enterprise, or freelancer, ModelCentral empowers you to access a wide range of AI models, making integrating AI into your operations straightforward. List your services and discover new solutions effortlessly with ModelCentral.


Why Choose Us

We're not just another AI company but your strategic partner. Our highly experienced, dedicated team can assist you in realizing your business's potential by implementing AI solutions into your existing workflows. With our expertise, you can leverage AI to achieve your goals.

Accessible to All: While adopting AI technologies has not always been accessible, UPT has removed these barriers by making the technology not only accessible but affordable to all. With our AI solutions, you can enjoy a level playing field and compete in our increasingly data-driven world

A Partner in Your Success: UPT offers AI solutions and supports you as a partner in your success. Our team of experienced professionals is committed to your success, offering complimentary services to ensure you reach your goals. Your goals are ours, and your success is our success

Affordable Entry: Our products and services ensure you enjoy a minimal investment with maximum potential. With less financial strain, you can seamlessly—and quickly—integrate AI tools into your workflow while continuing your operations as usual.

Less work, more growth

UPT simplifies your AI integration, reducing your costs and maximizing your results.

AI Model Hosting

UnityPredict delivers scalable, low-cost AI model hosting.


ModelCentral helps you discover, evaluate and utilize AI in your business with little effort and little initial cost


Access top-notch experts to achieve your goals.


Tailor AI solutions to your unique needs with little to no investment.


ModelCentral helps you advertise your AI services and models and reach your customer base more easily. UnityPredict helps you monetize your AI services with ease.


Easily and effectively leverage the right AI models to grow your business

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